Meet The Warren County Head Start Team

Shari Marci – Executive Director
(518) 798-7555 x 228
[email protected]

Courtney Younes – Education Coordinator
(518) 798-7555 x 219
[email protected]

Nichole Beyer – Finance Coordinator
(518) 798-7555 x 225
[email protected]

Shannon Bohmaker – Education/Disabilities/ Coordinator
(518) 798-7555 x 218
educatio[email protected]

Corina McDougall – Family Services Coordinator
(518) 798-7555 x 221
[email protected]

Naomi Mitchell – Health/Nutrition Advocate
(518) 798-7555 x 217
[email protected]

Denise Colbath – Administrative Clerk
(518) 798-7555 x 224 
[email protected]

Chestertown Center

 Stacia Jeroulis-Center Director/Teacher
(518) 494-3110
[email protected]

Alicia O’Dell – Asst.Teacher
My name is Alicia O’Dell. I’ve worked for Warren County Head Start’s Chestertown center for the past four and a half years. I started working as a classroom aide when my daughter attended and have since worked towards my CDA. I am currently an Assistant Teacher. I love spending time with my four children camping, fishing and traveling. I was a Head Start parent for eight years so it’s an amazing thing to work for an organization that gave my family so much!

Jessica Todriff – Classroom Aide
My name is Jessica Lee Todriff. I attended the Boces Early Childhood Education program for 2 years. I also attended ACC for Early Childhood education and Psychology. My experience working with kids includes working at Chestertown Youth Commission and at Prospect Child and Family Center as a 1:1 aide. I also working in the pool area as a Aquatic aide helping the PTs. I’m currently working at Head Start as a Teacher’s Aide. I’ve been in this position for 2 years. I went to North Warren School for 12 years. I have a 5 year old daughter Caroline and a chocolate lab. I love to be outside going on hikes, camping and ice fishing

Linda Lafond – Family Worker
My name is Linda LaFond. I have a High School Diploma and a Family Development Credential through Cornell. I was also a NYS registered family daycare provider in my home for 10 years in Essex county and a licensed cosmetologist in the state of New Jersey. While in High School, I worked in the after school daycare program. I am the Family Service worker at the Chestertown center at Warren County Head Start. I will be employed with this company for 21 years in October of 2020. I became involved with the Head Start program when my son attended in 1998. I quickly fell in love with the philosophy of the program and became involved in Policy Council and Parent Group. I attended all workshops, etc. which led into a career at Head Start. I have two grown sons and two grandsons. My husband and I are in the process of clearing our land that we just purchased and hope to build a log home ourselves.
(518) 494-3110
[email protected]

Glens Falls Center

Jessica Guzman – Green Room Teacher
(518) 793-3624 x 210
[email protected]

Sarah Pratt- Green Room Asst. Teacher
Hi, my name is Sarah Pratt. I recently became an Assistant Teacher in the Green Room.  My long-term goal is to be a music teacher for elementary students. I am a single mom of two boys. A few things I like to do in my free time include singing, crafting and gardening.

Angie Maiolo- Green Room Aide

Jessica Fenton – Orange Room Teacher
(518) 793-3624 x 208
[email protected]

Megan Broe – Orange Room Asst. Teacher
My name is Megan Broe. I have worked with children for many years. I have 3 children and in my free time I enjoy going camping with family, snowmobiling and watching my children race motocross

 Orange Room Classroom Aide

Stacy Conklin – Blue Room Teacher
Hi, my name is Stacy!  I have been blessed to follow my passion working with children at Head Start for 16 years.  I started as an aide when my son attended..  I then became an Assistant Teacher, while I went for my BA in Early Childhood Education.  I have 2 children, 2 grandchildren and a cat named Kazma.  I love spending my free time at the ocean.
(518) 793-3624 x 215
[email protected]

Jana DePalo – Blue Room Asst. Teacher

Morgan Thatcher- Blue Room Classroom Aide

Mili Cloud – Gold Room Teacher
(518) 793-3624 x 213
[email protected]

Catherine Clark – Gold Room Asst. Teacher

Maddy Colombo – Gold Room Classroom Aide

Liz Strainer-Yellow Room Teacher
(518) 793-3624 x 209
[email protected]

Mindy Combs- Yellow Room Asst. Teacher
Hi, my name is Mindy Combs. I have been working as an Assistant Teacher at the Glens Falls center for 3 years. I started off as a Substitute Classroom Aide and have worked my way up happily. I am eager to finish filling my CDA certification. Working with children fulfills my heart. I love knowing that I am making a difference to their lives. I have 4 children, 2 of which are stepchildren. I also have 3 grandchildren and one cat name Angel. In my free time I enjoy going for long nature walks with my family. We also spend our time having lots of laughs, playing board games and watching scary movies.

Madison Suddard- Yellow Room Classroom Aide
Hi, my name is Madison Suddard.  I’ve worked in childcare for 3 years so far.  I started at the YMCA doing the summer camp and after school program.  I decided to join Head Start to continue to work with kids.  I have 5 nephews and a niece on the way!  I grew up helping take care of them, this made me fall in love with working with kids.  I love going on long road trips and doing crafts in my free time.

Jeanne Breault – Red Room Teacher
Hi, My name is “Miss” Jeanne and I work in the Red room with Miss Belinda and Miss Cristal at Warren County Head Start. I received my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees form SUNY Plattsburgh. This is my 20th year working at the preschool level. I have been working at Head Start for six years! I love this preschool age because everyday is a learning experience not only for the children but for myself as well. I love seeing how much the children learn in just one year. They are amazing! When I’m not at preschool, I enjoy being with my family, the outdoors, gardening, audiobooks, games, cooking (when I want), and time to relax.
(518) 793-3624 x 207
gfr[email protected]

Belinda Buckmaster-Crandall – Red Room Asst. Teacher
Hi, I’m Miss Belinda.  I have worked in the Red room as a classroom Aide for 3 years!  I enjoy working with children.  In my spare time, I like spending time with my grandchildren and my beagle!

Cristal Andino- Red Room Classroom Aide

Christina Catalfamo-Center Director

(518) 793-3624 x 202
[email protected]

Mariane Simas-Family Services Worker
(518) 793-3624 x 230
[email protected]

 Ann Lanfear- Family Services Worker (Green & Gold & Red Classrooms)
Hi, my name is Annie I’ve been working at Head Start for just about 4 years! I started as an Aide in Yellow room and then got promoted as the assistant there. I recently just became the Family worker at the Glens falls center. I have a lot of experience with children and 2 littles at home myself
(518) 793-3624 x 205
[email protected]

Amanda Steinman – Family Services Worker (Orange & Blue Classrooms)
Hi, my name is Amanda. I have been working as a Family Worker at the Glens Falls center for 2 years. I’ve been working with children for 15 years. I attended SUNY Adirondack college where I obtained my Associate’s degree. Prior to working as a Family Worker, I worked for the Glens Falls City School District as a Assistant Teacher in the Special Education classroom. Outside of work, I enjoy hiking, camping, bike riding, and shopping.
[email protected]
(518) 793-3624 x 203

Home Based Visitors

Kelly Jarvis
Hi My name is Kelly Jarvis.  I attended college at SUNY Cobleskill and obtained an Associate’s degree in Early Childhood education.
(518) 623-7001
[email protected]

John Parsons- HB Director/Home Based Visitor
(518) 623-7000
[email protected]

(518) 504-4289
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[email protected]


Lake Luzerne Center

Alexis Bourdeau – Family Worker
Hi, my name is Alexis. I started working as a Family Worker at the Lake Luzerne center this year. I received my bachelor’s degree in Psychology at SUNY Plattsburgh, and I am currently working on my master’s degree to become a Marriage and Family Therapist. I have worked with children for over seven years in preschool settings and as a nanny. I enjoy traveling, spending time with family, and watching sports in my free time.
(518) 696-2378 x 1125
[email protected]

Daniella Shambach – Teacher
Daniella has been with WCHS for 3 years.  She began as a teacher in the GF center and recently transitioned to LL.  She has her B.A. in Elementary Ed, a M.A. in Special Ed, and has her NY teaching certification in both Early Childhood & Elementary Education.  Before coming to WCHS, Daniella ran a NYS Licensed Family Day Care in her home for 9 years.  Daniella, her husband Jason and their 4 children live in Lake George.  They enjoy hiking/camping, having people over and playing board games.
(518) 696-2378 x 1125
[email protected]

Jodi Coppola – Asst. Teacher
Hi, My name is Miss Jodi! I have been working at Warren County Head Start for almost 15 years! I was first introduced to the program as a parent. I was soon hired to be the bus monitor for my child’s center which then led to a Classroom Aide position. I was able to complete the CDA (Child Development Associate Credential) and was promoted to Assistant Teacher. When I’m working, I enjoy reading and spending time with my family!

Judy Mattison – Classroom Aide
Hi, My name is Miss Judy! I have worked for Warren County Head Start for 8 years as a Classroom Aide at the Lake Luzerne center. Working here gives me the flexibility to be the best Mom to my three wonderful boys. I attended Adirondack Community College for a couple semesters. When I’m not working, I enjoy movie nights, whether at home or at the theater with my boys and friends.

Queensbury Center

Rylee Dean – Family Services Worker
Hi, my name is Rylee Dean.  I am brand new to Head Start as a Family Worker at the Queensbury Center.  In my free time, I enjoy making art, drawing, painting and crafting.  I have several years of childcare and nanny experience.  I’m excited to start this new journey with Head Start!
(518) 824-1626
[email protected]

Erin Adams – Queensbury 2 Teacher
My name is Erin Adams and I am a teacher at the Queensbury location.  I have a degree in Elementary Education from SUNY Oneonta and am currently enrolled in the CDA-Child Development Associate program.  Previously, I was a 5th grade teacher in North Carolina and I have also subbed for a year and a half in preschool and BED classrooms while living in Alaska.  In my free time, I like hiking, reading and spending time with my two children.
(518) 824-5685
[email protected]

Jennifer Esper – Queensbury 2 Asst. Teacher
Hi, my name is Jennifer!  I just started working as a Teacher Assistant at the Queensbury center.  I have been working with children for 3 years.  I love spending time with my dog.

Kaytee Courville – Queensbury 2 Classroom Aide
Hi, my name is Kaytee Courville. I have been working as a Classroom Aide at the Glens Falls Center for 2 years. I’ve been working with children for 3 years but I have been a mother for 5 years to my lovely daughter, My son is due in December 2020. One of my previous jobs was working at an hourly babysitting center, Kassia’s Playdates. This was the job that made me realize how much I loved working with children and wanted to continue to grow in this area of work. In my free time I love to spend time with my family. We love to cook, play outdoors, play games, laugh and have fun. They are my world and I absolutely love working with the children of Head Start!

Elizabeth Wood – Center Director/ Queensbury 1Teacher
My name is Elizabeth Wood. I attended Regis College from 1994-1998 and received my Bachelor’s degree in a double major of Psychology and Education. I began my teaching career in my early twenties as a 2nd and 3rd grade teacher. At the age of 26 and expecting my first child, I decided to embark on a new chapter and decided to become a Stay at Home Parent. I enjoyed this rewarding opportunity for 10 years. Also, during this time I decided to complete my Master’s in Education via an online program through the University of New England. Upon returning to the workplace in 2013, I began substitute teaching for many local school districts. In 2016, I was hired by Warren County Head Start. I am currently the teacher in the Queensbury 1 classroom. Besides teaching, I enjoy exercising, watching crime shows and spending time with my family and pets.
(518) 824-5684
[email protected]

Brittany Rawlins-Queensbury 1 Asst. Teacher

[email protected]

Makayla Minnear – Queensbury 1 Classroom Aide
Hi, my name is Makayla Minnear. This is my first year as a classroom aide in the Queensbury 1 classroom, and I am very excited to be a part of the team at Warren County Head Start! I love working with children and it fills my heart with joy to watch them grow. I am a proud mother to a wonderful daughter. I enjoy spending time with my family, decorating and baking.

[email protected]

SUNY Adirondack

Sam Murray – Center Director & Teacher
Hi everyone! My name is Sam Murray. I began my journey at Warren County Head Start as a classroom aide in 2013. Since then, I have completed my Associates Degree in Early Childhood and as of 3 years ago I am now a teacher in our Early Head Start program at SUNY Adirondack. Outside of work I enjoy shopping and movie nights and absolutely adore spending time with the little kiddos in my life.
(518) 793-0529
[email protected].

Nicki Burdick – Family Services Worker
Hi my name is Nicki Burdick, I have worked for Warren County Head Start for 10 years. I have my CDA and FDC credential. I have worked in the classroom in the past and am currently a family worker. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family and crafting.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          (518) 793-0529
[email protected]

Lindsay Duval – EHS Teacher
Hi, my name is Lindsay Duval and I am an Early Head Start teacher. I have a bachelor’s degree in Child and Family Studies with a concentration in Early Childhood Education from SUNY Oneonta. I’ve been with Head Start for 10 years and value the work we do here with the children and families. I am a twin momma to some adventurous little boys, and love exploring the outdoors, running, biking, hiking, sports, and so much more with them.
(518) 793-0529
[email protected]

Audrey Dalton – EHS Teacher
(518) 793-0529
[email protected]

Carla Ogden – EHS Teacher
Hi, My name is Carla. I graduated from SUNY HVCC with an AAS in Early Childhood Education. I have worked at the SUNY Adirondack Center since 2006 and have worked in the Infant and toddler rooms. I have three adult children on my own. I love to spend my free time taking walks, hikes, and pictures
(518) 793-0529
[email protected]

 – EHS Teacher

(518) 793-0529
[email protected]

Sandy Sweenor – EHS Teacher
Hi, my name is Sandy, I work in the toddler room at SUNY Adirondack. I’ve been working here for 17 years. I love spending time with my grandchildren in my spare time.
(518) 793-0529
[email protected]

Pauline Dent – HS Teacher

(518) 793-0529
[email protected]

 – HS Assistant Teacher
Hi my name is Jaye Conine. I have been working as an Assistant Teacher at the SUNY Adirondack center for 15 years and have been working with children for 29 years altogether. I attended college at MATC in Madison, WI and obtained a degree in childcare teacher and assistant teacher. I love to garden, read books, and walk with my dogs.

Susan Macari-Baldwin – HS Classroom Aide
Hi my name is Susan Macari-Baldwin. I am originally from Queens, New York and I moved up to Queensbury. I have been working at Warren County Head Start for 15 and a half years; first as a Classroom Aide in a Toddler class and now as a preschool Classroom Aide at SUNY Adirondack center. I have a CDA (Child Development Associate). Working with the children here at Head Start is both rewarding and fun. I have many hobbies but mostly I get to enjoy the beauty of the scenic Adirondacks every day.

Amy Beard – EHS Classroom Aide
Hello everyone, My name is Amy Beard. For the past 7+ years I have enjoyed working as a classroom aide in the infant and toddler room at SUNY Adirondack Head Start. During my time with this agency, I have obtained my CDA. I have also attended college for two years and I have many hours of child development training.  Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family, singing and shopping

 – EHS Classroom Aide

Tammie Sluus – EHS Classroom Aide
Hi, my name is Tammie Sluus.  I have been at Warren County Head Start since September.  I have been in child care for over 30 years, including my own family daycare.

Warrensburg Center

Jennifer Haywood-Warrensburg Teacher

(518) 623-2632
[email protected]

Vicki Galaza-Warrensburg Asst. Teacher

[email protected]

Chanel Grant – Classroom Aide
Ms. Chanel is the Classroom Aide at the Warrensburg center. This will be her 7th year working for Head Start. Her little boy is 10 years old now. She enjoys being with him and going out to do fun things together.

Karrie Vanderwarker – Family Services Worker
Mrs. Karrie is the Family Worker and Center Director at the Warrensburg center. This will be her 16th year working for Head Start. She is married with 2 grown children. She loves spending time with her family and her doggies!
(518) 623-9747 x 116
[email protected]