Warren County Head Start Services


Warren County Head Start believes that each child is an individual with special strengths and interests. As a result of observations and communication with each child and their parents, we provide individualized planning to maximize learning.

Warren County Head Start strives to ensure that all children in the program receive the foundation to succeed in school and in life. Our educational services provide children opportunities to:

  • Actively explore their environment
  • Develop literacy and numeric skills
  • Build language and vocabulary skills
  • Make friends, play together, and eat together
  • Create, imagine, and use self-expression
  • Learn and grow in every way

Health and Wellness

Health Services

Warren County Head Start focuses on the overall health and wellness of each enrolled child to help them succeed in all aspects of their life. Each child’s immunizations must be in accordance with the New York State Immunization requirements and have an up to date physical prior to participation in the program. Hearing and vision screenings are provided to all children enrolled at no cost. Detection of any possible problem allows children to receive the services they need at an early age.

Dental Services

Oral health is an integral part of children’s overall well-being and necessary for their healthy development. Regular visits to the dentist are very important. Warren County Head Start works with all parents to connect their child to a dental home, encouraging comprehensive care and updated examinations.

Nutrition Services

Good eating habits are developed at an early age. Children learn about food and eating by observing others. Children and classroom staff participate in a family style dining mealtime with staff modeling child size portions. Children are encouraged to try new and different foods to broaden their food experiences. Center based children receive free breakfast and lunch. Warren County Head Start participates in the Child and Adult Food Program (CACFP). CACFP guidelines are followed as set forth by the federal government and the New York State Department of Health. This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

Physical Activity

Physical activity is very important to a child’s overall health. Warren County Head Start has partnered with the Eat Well Play Hard Program as well as participated in Active Play workshops to provide appropriate, fun, and exciting physical activities for preschool age children.

Family Services

Warren County Head Start believes that parents are their child’s first and best teacher, and encourages parents to participate in every aspect of the program. Warren County Head Start provides a support system for families, offering families the opportunity to

  • Share in their child’s growth and development
  • Enhance their Parenting Skills
  • Be a part of the decision making for the program
  • Attend workshops
  • Form friendships with other parents through social activities
  • Obtain information about other community services and programs
  • Learn how to actively participate in their child’s transitions

Every family enrolled in the program will have a Family Services Worker or Home Based Visitor. These staff are advocates for families, and will support them from the application process through the child’s transition to Kindergarten. Throughout the school year, Family Services Workers and Home Based Visitors will work with families on identifying their goals, interests, strengths and needs. This is an ongoing process that is parent directed. The Family Services Worker and Home Based Visitor also act as a link between the family and the classroom and the family and the community.

Mental Health and Disabilities

Mental Health Services

Warren County Head Start supports our children and families’ mental and behavioral health needs through the services of a mental health consultant. This professional meets with staff concerning classroom management while also providing individual assessments for enrolled children and offering counseling for their parents.


Children with disabilities attend Head Start and Early Head Start in classrooms with their typically developing peers. All children entering Warren County Head Start/Early Head Start receive age appropriate screenings for speech, hearing, vision, physical and social/emotional development, and general health. If a concern arises with a child’s development, the family and Head Start staff will work together to provide/access all needed services.

With the consent of the parent, children are referred to their school districts Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) or Early Intervention. The CPSE of each school district or Early Intervention is responsible for arranging evaluations of children at no cost to any parent.

Therapists will provide therapy to qualified children at Warren County Head Start. Enrolled children with disabilities can receive all their support services within their Warren County Head Start/Early Head Start classroom.