Head Start Services In Warren County, NY

Warren County Head Start is proud to offer Head Start & Early Head Start services to qualifying low income families in Glens Falls, Warrensburg, Chestertown, Lake Luzerne, Lake George, & all of Warren County. Our comprehensive services include:

Education Services

We strive to ensure that all children in the program receive the foundation to succeed in school and in life through our daycare, preschool, and pre-kindergarten (Pre-K) services. Read more about our education services.

Health & Wellness Services

We focus on the overall health and wellness of each enrolled child through immunizations, hearing and vision screenings, dental health, nutrition services, physical activity, and more. Read more about our health and wellness services.

Family Services

We provide a support system for families, offering families the opportunity to share in their child’s growth and development and enhance their parenting skills. Read more about our family services.

Mental Health & Disability Services

We support our children and families’ mental and behavioral health needs through the services of a mental health consultant, as well as administering age appropriate screenings for disabilities. Read more about our mental health and disability services.